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The Building of Float Away Bay Part 2 (week by week photos)

May 22, 2013

Week 11
photo 14

Week 12
photo 13a

Week 13
photo 15

Week 14
photo 16

Week 15
photo 17

Week 16
photo 18

Week 17
photo 19

Week 18
photo 20

Week 19
photo 21

Week 20
photo 21

A relaxing, refreshing way for the entire family to cool off and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Laurel Highlands – Float Away Bay, this summer at Idlewild & SoakZone!


The Building of Float Away Bay (week by week photos)

May 21, 2013

Greetings Friends!

Over the next few days, we’ll share some photos of the constructrion of our new Lazy River, Float Away Bay!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Check back tomorrow for some more great photos!

Idlewild & SoakZone “Three-peats” as Best Park for Children!

September 8, 2012

Golden Ticket

It is YOU, the fans, that make it all worthwhile.  Thank you for your continued support for the past 135 years!


Team Member Spotlight – Guest Services

April 5, 2012

We are getting closer and closer to opening day! Each day we are hiring people of all ages to experience the best summer job ever!

This week we are going to spotlight our Guest Services Department!

When you think about Idlewild & SoakZone – you may think about the food, the rides, the games & all of the fun you can have at the park! But, did you ever wonder who handles all of our Guests questions/comments and knows almost everything about Idlewild? Well, that is our GREAT Guest Services Team!

We like to think of our folks at Guest Services as Ambassadors of the park! They do everything from renting wagons to processing season passes. And, these Team Members are the CREAM OF THE CROP when it comes to having information about every area of the park!

Over the years, we’ve found that working in our Guest Services Department is a great stepping-stone to many different fields in the hospitality/tourism industry. As a Guest Services Team Member – you become very familiar with all aspects of the park; Season Passes, Food & Beverage, Ride Operations, Pricing, Rules, Policies & Procedures & many other valuable pieces of information that benefit our Guests & fellow Team Members.

In many ways our Guest Services Team is a liaison between Idlewild & our Guests. Some of our guests would even consider Guest Services as a concierge, providing hotel information, 2 day pricing, upgrades to a season pass & even some inside information when it comes to planning your day or helping your family pick out the perfect spot to watch fireworks on the 4th of July!

Do you think you have what it takes to be on the BEST Team in the industry? Then, Idlewild & SoakZone is the place for you! You can help us achieve our mission to provide the FINEST in family fun & entertainment – Apply for our Guest Services Team today!

Visit for a detailed interview schedule. Open interviews are held Monday – Thursday 3:00PM – 5:00PM!

For the BEST summer job, hope to see you soon!

-Ricky Spicuzza
HR Manager


March 14, 2012


Who’s that racing down the track? It’s Thomas! Hop on board everyone’s favorite steam engine as two of the Island of Sodor’s engineers help Thomas discover why Steamies are Really Useful Engines. Get ready to experience trainloads of fun, it’s THOMAS & FRIENDS in FULL STEAM AHEAD LIVE!

Idlewild & SoakZone is proud to present this exciting new show, Thomas & Friends in Full Steam Ahead Live at the “Really Useful Stage” in Raccoon Lagoon. Your child’s favorite #1 engine comes to life – Thomas & Friends will be a highlight of their visit. Don’t miss it!

Tem Member Spotlight- Rides and Attractions

February 10, 2012

The hiring season is under way at Idlewild & SoakZone! We only have about 3 more months until we hear the Rollo Coaster roaring through the trees!

This week we are going to spotlight the Rides & Attractions Department! When our Guests think about Idlewild – you have to believe the RIDES are one of their first thoughts!

Have you ever thought about becoming the operator of the famous WILD MOUSE? How about being the one to send the HOWLER spinning through Hoot n Holler? The Rides & Attractions Department employs over 200 Team Members! They all help create the thrills; screams & laughter heard throughout the park – all while keeping SAFETY their top priority!

Many of our current full-time staff at Idlewild started their career as a Rides & Attractions Team Member and have moved on to be Ride Inspectors/Mechanics, Rides & Attractions Department Manager, Director of Facilities & Maintenance, Director of Operations and even the General Manager of Idlewild & SoakZone! Each and everyone of those Team Members have started out at an entry level position at Idlewild and worked their way up to become a full-time Team Member!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the team? It may be one of the best decisions you can make! Not too many people can say they drive the train at Idlewild, or operate the famous Carousel that is over 80 years old! Let’s not forget about our friends in Hoot n Holler that are some of the best old western characters around! Our Rides & Attractions Team Members provide the most fun in the park! How could you have a bad day watching children enjoy their favorite ride & knowing YOU are responsible for all of those BIG smiling faces!

With a wide variety of Rides & Attractions here at Idlewild – there is definitely a spot for you! If you like working with a team, having fun & creating memories that last a lifetime…Idlewild & SoakZone is the place for you!

Hope to see you at the park for open interviews every Tuesday & Thursday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

-Ricky Spicuzza
HR Manager

Skills, experiences & opportunities that could be offered:

· Learn how to work with a large team
· Great Communication skills
· Safety minded
· Theatrical/Performing Arts Experience
· Job Advancement (Team Leader, Department Supervisor/Manager)
· Mechanical/Maintenance Experience
· Engineering/Design

NEW- Team Member Spotlight

January 30, 2012

This is a brand new feature to our blog where in the next few weeks we are going “spotlight” some cool jobs & career opportunities at Idlewild & SoakZone. There are hundreds of different positions available, and we will hire close to 900 Team Members this summer!

This week we are going to spotlight the Food & Beverage department, the department where it all started for me! When I was 16 years old, I started working in the Food & Beverage department at Kennywood Park. At the time of applying, I wanted something different, like running the roller coasters – but I’m glad I stuck with the Food Department! I loved Food & Beverage so much that I changed my college major to Food/Lodging/Hospitality Management. I later became the Operations Manager of Food Service and I loved my job very much! In 2012, I landed a full-time job with Idlewild & SoakZone as the Human Resources Manager & Aquatics Manager and couldn’t be happier here at the “Best Kid’s Park in the World!”

When I think back on my adventure, I realize how much I cherished that Food & Beverage job. If I would have declined that position, I would not have such a wonderful job that I love, at Idlewild & SoakZone today!

The Food & Beverage department at Idlewild employs over 250 Team Members! There are many different Team Members with different college majors, career paths & career goals, but they all have one goal in common – to provide the FINEST in family fun, entertainment & food! All while keeping safety a top priority!

Some of our guest’s favorite memories are linked back to the awesome food they had during the summer and are now craving during the winter. YOU can be that Team Member who makes the famous cyclone cone or the award winning Potato Patch French Fries! There is plenty of room for advancement in the Food & Beverage Department and they only thing missing is YOU!

Stay tuned for our next Idlewild & SoakZone Job Spotlight!

-Ricky Spicuzza
HR Manager

Careers/College Majors linked to Food & Beverage:

· Business Management
· Accounting/Finance
· Culinary Arts
· Catering/Event Planning
· Lodging/Tourism Management
· Recreation Management
· Hotel/Restaurant Management
· Food Microbiology/Sanitation
· Warehouse Supervisor
· Shipping & Receiving
· Chef/Front line cook
· Front of house Manager
· Back of house Manager
· Food & Beverage Supervisor
· Food & Beverage Manager
· Food & Beverage Director
· Catering Manager
· Catering Director

Princesses in the Park

December 21, 2011

Princessess in the Park

NEW in 2012, Enjoy the Royal Treatment while you meet your favorite Fairy Tale Princesses: Cinderella, Beauty, Snow White and Rapunzel. During the week of July 16-20 your little Royal Family will be thrilled to meet, collect autographs, and even get their photos taken with their favorite Princesses.

You can be a true Prince or Princess and help the members of the Kingdom in need by donating a Canned Food item to benefit the local Salvation Army Food Bank. With your donation, you will receive $6.00 off the regular FunDay Pass price of $33.99 + tax (July 16-20 only).

Bigger than the Royal Wedding? I think so!


Idlewild’s New Family Oktoberfest!

December 7, 2011

idlewild's Family Oktoberfest

I am pleased to announce that Idlewild will be open two additional weekends in September for our NEW Family Oktoberfest! I am very excited about this event and can’t wait for giant pretzels, German platters and authentic German song and dance. More details will be coming in the next few months, but I can tell you it is going to be very fun. Take a look at the official excerpt from our website below to hold you over until we announce some more details. The best part of this whole thing… Two more weekends to come and RIDE THE RIDES!

Willkommen all herren und frauen! Join Idlewild in celebrating all things Bavarian at our Family Oktoberfest – Weekends September 8 – 9 and 15 – 16. Enjoy this showcase of rich tradition with German-style music and delicious ethnic food – including plenty of pretzels and strudel. It’s a family event that’s fun for both kids and adults, featuring the rides and attractions that you love – plus a craft fair, “ompa” bands, and even the Chicken Dance! So don’t forget your lederhosen and join us this fall!

HallowBoo! on Pittsburgh Today Live

September 27, 2011












Latest Videos « CBS Pittsburgh.


Follow the link to catch Jeff Croushore on this mornings Pittsburgh Today like on KDKA talking about HallowBoo!



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